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Anticitera Island - Don't wait any longer, reserve your .IA domain now

In the previous article, Anticitera Island: The future of Artificial Intelligence? We talked about the possible creation of the .ia domain. Can you imagine having a .ia domain for your website? It would be a way to show the world that you are at the forefront of artificial intelligence and that you offer innovative and creative solutions. With a .ia domain you could attract more customers, partners and collaborators who are looking for the best in this dynamic and competitive field.

Antikythera Island: The Future of Artificial Intelligence?

What does Anticithera Island have to do with artificial intelligence? Well, it turns out that as we explained in the previous article Anticitera Island - Cradle of Artificial Intelligence this small Greek island could become the symbol of a new way of understanding and developing this scientific discipline, beyond the domain of the English language, world powers and large corporations. How? Well, through a simple but powerful idea: creating the ccTLD .

Antikythera Island - Cradle of Artificial Intelligence

As Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, and that is what this article is about, something I imagined, an idea so perfect that it haunted me from the moment it occurred to me. One of the things that I love about computing are domains and web pages, that passion arose more than 20 years ago in the heat of the birth and rapid development of the Internet, I remember each and every one of the domains that I have bought as an individual and all the personal pages that I have been launching over the years.