What does Anticithera Island have to do with artificial intelligence? Well, it turns out that as we explained in the previous article Anticitera Island - Cradle of Artificial Intelligence this small Greek island could become the symbol of a new way of understanding and developing this scientific discipline, beyond the domain of the English language, world powers and large corporations.

How? Well, through a simple but powerful idea: creating the ccTLD .ia top-level domain, ccTLDs are country code top-level domains. These domains refer to a specific country or region and are known as geographic domains

What country or region could be assigned to .ia? Just as .im is a ccTLD that represents the geographic location of the Isle of Man, .ia could represent that of Antikythera Island, a location that honors the Antikythera mechanism, the oldest analog computer of humanity, which was found in the waters of this island and which shows that artificial intelligence is not a recent invention, but rather a millennial aspiration of humanity.

What are the advantages of using .ia instead of .ai? Well several. On the one hand, the hegemony of English as the universal language of artificial intelligence would be broken, making room for other languages and cultures that also have a lot to contribute to this field. On the other hand, a global and independent community of artificial intelligence researchers, developers and enthusiasts would be created, who could share their knowledge, projects and resources without depending on the big technological platforms.

Can you imagine having your own website with the .ia domain? Would you like to be part of this initiative? If so, I invite you to tell us about your idea in the comments, to contribute by spreading the idea or to support the idea on the Futureu platform of the European Union. I am looking for people who want to collaborate with the cause to make this dream come true. I would like to create a community of intelligences, that are able to learn together, create ideas and solve problems. We want to make history. You sign up?

How can we develop the community? For the idea to germinate and grow, it will be necessary to spread it among people and organizations.

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