In the previous article, Anticitera Island: The future of Artificial Intelligence? We talked about the possible creation of the .ia domain. Can you imagine having a .ia domain for your website? It would be a way to show the world that you are at the forefront of artificial intelligence and that you offer innovative and creative solutions. With a .ia domain you could attract more customers, partners and collaborators who are looking for the best in this dynamic and competitive field. In addition, you could customize your domain with the name you want, from your brand to your project or your passion. For example, you could register domains like:

These are just a few examples of what you could do with a .ia domain. What are you waiting for to register yours? Do not miss the opportunity to have an exclusive and original domain that distinguishes you from others. Reserve your .ia domain today! and check the official reservation list Obviously I can’t guarantee anything, but since it’s free you don’t lose anything by doing it either.

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